Boingo AsYouGo: Wi-Fi For The Intermittent Traveler


Here at Boingo, when we talk about keeping the traveling community connected, we’re not just referring to road warriors – we also count the good folks who travel occasionally. Our engineers, for example, only wander away from their code for a rare business trip or a much-needed vacation. That’s why we offer Boingo AsYouGo, a pay-per-connection Wi-Fi option to cover you on those sporadic trips.

We aim to provide a top-notch Internet experience whether you Boingo frequently or every once in a while. To that end, we’ve listed five tips below for getting the most out of Boingo AsYouGo.

1. Access Boingo AsYouGo On Any Compatible Device

Boingo AsYouGo can be used on any Boingo compatible device, including: laptops, tablets, smartphones and eReaders. You can sign up either on our website before you hit the road or at any of the locations we manage and operate (just open the browser when you’re at the hotspot). Rates vary by region.

2. Connect For 24 Hours on One Device at One Location

Boingo AsYouGo gives you online access for twenty-four continuous hours on one device at one location. So say you’re at the airport on a ridiculously long layover. The one-time AsYouGo fee covers you for as many connects as your heart desires all over that airport.

Keep in mind that additional charges apply when you connect:

  • At an entirely new location
  • On any additional devices
  • After the 24-hour period

So if your itinerary includes one or more airports, as well as multiple Boingo hotspot options at your destination, you might want to consider one of our regional subscription plans – it’ll save you money and you can cancel anytime!

3. Connect Down the Line With the Same Username

Once you sign up for an AsYouGo account, you don’t have to go through the process again! We keep a record of your username, password, and payment information so all you have to do when you need us again later is login with the same username and password. Here’s how you connect again with your AsYouGo account:

  • Walled Garden login: When you’re at a Boingo-managed Wi-Fi hotspot, launch the browser on your device, enter your Boingo username and password in the Roaming Login section at the top of the page, click submit, and you’re online!
  • Roaming login: When you’re at a hotspot managed by one of our roaming partners, launch the browser on your device, locate a field that should be named something like “Roaming Partners”, select Boingo from the dropdown menu, and enter your Boingo username and password.
  • Boingo Wi-Finder app: The easiest way to connect is through the free Boingo app, which helps you locate and connect to free and Boingo hotspots. Read tip #4 below for more details.

Just a reminder that ensuing connects incur additional charges but you may not see that reminder when re-accessing your account in this method – this is why, we highly recommend tip #4.

4. Install the Boingo Wi-Finder App

Our free app is your ultimate guide to finding and connecting to free and Boingo hotspots. So even if you only need Boingo for one day, you may find the app handy for scouting out those free Wi-Fi locations. Or sometime down the line, you may find yourself needing to connect again at a Boingo hotspot. Just open the app and connect without having to create a new account.

Read this blog post for the full details on the app’s capabilities. Meantime, here are the main features:

  • Hotspot notifications: The app pops up and notifies you when you’re in or near a hotspot. Note: this feature can be turned on or off. 
  • Stored username and password: The app stores your username and password so one click is all it takes to connect.
  • Information on hotspot rates: Since per-connect rates differ by region, the app lets you know how much you’ll be charged to connect at a specific hotspot. Note that the app does not automatically connect you. A charge applies (unless you’re at a free location) only when you click “Connect” to get online. Check out our blog post about how our app keeps you in the know about our hotspots and associated rates while you’re traveling.

5. Change your plan any time your travel frequency changes

Maybe you’re still an intermittent traveler but next month, you’ve got a full itinerary in which you know you will need Wi-Fi access more frequently. Just email us and we’ll fulfill your request within 24 hours.

About Melody Demel

Melody is Senior Manager, PR for Boingo Wireless, where she is responsible for media relations, brand building and thought leadership initiatives. Melody is a die-hard Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and retired NCAA DI college field hockey player.
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