10 Cool Kid Tech Gifts Under $50

It’s no secret kids like tech toys as much as we adults do. But gadgets tend to be expensive, and they’re more fragile in the hands of kids. So we browsed around the interweb and found ten cool kid tech toys that won’t break your bank nor fall apart too easily during play.

Please note we haven’t tried and tested all the products below. If you have, please share feedback on your experience. Know of other kid tech toys under $50? Please let us know in the comments section!

1. Scrabble Flash Cubes ($9.95): Scrabble is a board game classic but this digitized version is a great portable option. The set comes with five cubes that keep track of words and points electronically. For ages eight and up.

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2. The Digi-Piggy digital coin counting bank ($14.95): This is a great little contraption for introducing kids to the habit of saving money. A little electronic screen on the pig’s snout displays the total amount of money in the bank. Every time coins are added, the screen updates. Comes in pink and white, requires AA batteries. Buy directly from the Digi-Piggy site or through Amazon. For ages three and up.

Image From Digi-Piggy

3. Crayola Color Wonder Sound Studio ($15): An interactive coloring pad with sixty sound effects. The markers only work with Crayola’s Color Wonder paper, so kids can’t go hog wild coloring the walls and furniture. But the disadvantage is you have to buy more Color Wonder paper for continued use. For ages six and up.

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4. First Act Discovery Voice Rockrz Mirophone ($19.99): Your kid can rock out on this mic with its various voice effects. An MP3 jack plugs easily into any Mp3 player for singalongs. For ages four to nine.

Image From ToysRUs

5. The Rumba Time Watch ($20-25): We‘ve heard positive things about these watches for adults and children. Choose from an assortment of colors, and between analog or digital. We had difficulty finding kid sizes on the Rumba site, but NextStop Shop has a Rumba section just for kids. The extra-small size is recommended for kids under six and the small for kids over six.

Image from RumbaTime

6. Volume-Limiting Headphones by Griffith Technology ($26): Young ears are more susceptible to hearing damage. These headphones are designed to protect with a built-in, always-on sound-control circuit that caps peak volume levels at 85 decibels. For newborns and up.

Image From Griffin Technology

7. Star Wars Ultimate Anakin FX Lightsaber ($30): These light-sabers feature light and motion-controlled sound effects — a great way to arm your kids with The Force! For ages six and up.

Image From Star Wars

8) Brilliant Creations Beginner Laptop ($29.99-$37): This seems like a great starter laptop for preschoolers and kindergarteners. The device features eighty educational activities for learning letters, numbers, and words — all on a color display. Target is currently offering the lowest price at $29.99 with free shipping if you use a Target REDCard or spend over $50. The laptop is also available via Amazon and ToyaRUs. For ages four and up.

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9) iPod Shuffle ($49): Have a kid who’s just about ready for his/her own MP3 player? The Shuffle has a simple interface, it’s nice and small, and it comes in a plethora of fun colors. We couldn’t find the recommended minimum age for use, so just keep in mind that the Shuffle is small enough to put in the mouth and swallow.

Image From Apple

10) Kid-Proof Digital Camera ($49.99): Kids seem to love snapping and posing for photos, so why not give them their very own, kid-friendly camera? Fisher-Price offers the “Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera” in black and purple, and Vtech offers the “Kidizoom Spin & Smile Digital Camera” in blue and pink. As a reminder, these cameras are for kids, so they’re not going to produce the same photo quality of more expensive cameras. For ages three and up.

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