Apple iOS 5 Highlights

We “watched” Apple’s iOS 5 event today through several live blogs (sources referenced inline) and posted real-time updates to our Facebook page. Take a look at the highlights below and let us know your thoughts.

What’s your reaction? Excited, neutral or disappointed? Are the iPhone 4S features everything you were hoping for and if not, what’s missing?

Who is pre-ordering the iPhone 4S?

About Melody Demel

Melody is Senior Manager, PR for Boingo Wireless, where she is responsible for media relations, brand building and thought leadership initiatives. Melody is a die-hard Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and retired NCAA DI college field hockey player.
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3 Responses to Apple iOS 5 Highlights

  1. Ole Jacobsen says:

    My thoughts: I lost all my Boingo credits ($19.95’s worth) during the iOS 5 update and nobody seems to care at your company. I will probably never use Boingo again — what a ripoff!

  2. Moses B says:

    I can remember how long the line was in the Americana at Brand in Glendale, CA, especially after the announcement of Steve Jobs death, RIP.

  3. Baochi says:

    Ole, I’m so sorry we seemed uncaring about your trouble with iOS5 and Wi-Fi Credits. We DO care and we’d like to look into what happened. Please email I’m happy to investigate and help you.