Wild Woman Conquers Wildflower

Our resident butt-kicker has done it again.

Cherie Gruenfeld placed first in her age group at the AVIA Wildflower Triathlon this past weekend, besting the 65-69 year-old age group for the Half-Ironman distance.  (She beat the 60-65 year-old women for good measure, too.)

Known for a particularly hilly and grueling course – many participants wonder how it is possible for a course to have so much “up” and so little “down” — the AVIA Wildflower Triathlon is one of the largest triathlon events in the world, with 7,500 athletes and 30,000 spectators attending each year.  The event features a 1.2 mile swim in Lake San Antonio, a 56 mile bike ride that includes the notorious “Nasty Grade” — a nearly five mile grade which climbs 1,000 feet (300 m) from bottom to top of “Heart Rate Hill” — and finishes with a 13.1 mile run, more than half of which is done off-road on hiking trails.  It’s a tough, fiendishly difficult course that will test the mettle of any triathlete.

Lucky for Cherie, she’s got mettle in spades.  And she’s got medal, too.  A first place medal, that is!  Join us in congratulating Cherie on yet another awesome victory.

(P.S. Check out Cherie’s new Boingo kit!  If you’re a cyclist or triathlete and you’re interested in purchasing a Boingo kit like Cherie’s, drop me a line at dcallahan@boingo.com.)


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Dawn is one of the rarest breeds of Southern Californians -- a native. She has more than 15 years of experience marketing technology, which means she's a nerd at heart (and we say that in the most loving way possible). When she's not taking pictures (her favorite subject being her four-year-old twins), she's training for triathlons, so count on her to swim, bike, and run to hotspots all over SoCal for quality assurance.
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