Spot the Boingo Webmaster

Can you spot the webmaster among the nine Boingo employees pictured? Leave your guess in the comments section below (only one guess per person, please). The first five people to correctly name the Boingo webmaster will each receive a Boingo visor (as pictured on our beloved employees). Bonus: once the winners receive their prizes, they can win a free month of Boingo Wi-Fi by posting a Facebook photo of themselves sporting the visor.

About Melody Demel

Melody is Senior Manager, PR for Boingo Wireless, where she is responsible for media relations, brand building and thought leadership initiatives. Melody is a die-hard Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and retired NCAA DI college field hockey player.
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23 Responses to Spot the Boingo Webmaster

  1. chris s says:

    I’ll guess brian!

  2. Marcia Morris says:


  3. Robert nunn says:

    Im going to guess brian

  4. Joel Berg says:

    I am not sure who the webmaster would be but I know that John must be el rey!

  5. Verne says:

    It’s gotta be Jen…!

  6. Joshua Z. says:

    I’ll say Brian!

  7. Karen Lopez says:

    I know who it is…

  8. Rob Drysdale says:

    My guess is Brian

  9. charles says:


  10. John says:

    I know, I know,

  11. George S says:


  12. Babsan says:

    Jen is the one

  13. Grace says:


  14. Brian says:

    That Brian guy is a handsome devil!

  15. Lee says:

    Brian. I want my visor.

  16. lance says:


  17. Baochi says:

    Winner! Please email for your Boingo visor!

  18. Baochi says:

    Yup, its’s Brian! Please email for your Boingo visor!

  19. Baochi says:

    Yay! You win a visor for the correct answer! Please email for your visor!

  20. Baochi says:

    Yes, it’s Brian! Please email for your visor!

  21. Baochi says:

    Your guess is correct! Please email for your visor!