Tips For Getting a Good Hotel Deal

Looking for a lower hotel rate or upgraded room? Consumer Reports provides some great tips for scoring a deal. The bottom line? It never hurts to simply ask about discounts and specials.

  • Haggle:  “Skip the toll-free booking number; call the hotel directly and talk about room rates with a clerk.” Watch the video above an example on how to negotiate.
  • Know the lingo: “Ask for the cheapest nonrefundable rate.
  • Be loyal:  Pick your favorite hotel chain and join the free loyalty program for member perks.
  • Consider a suite: Sometimes, suites are the same price as regular-sized rooms.
  • Compare rates:  “If you can document a lower price for the same date for a room you’ve already booked, you’ll get a refund of the difference.”
  • Lock in a rate: “Get price quotes from three to five hotels, then lock in the lowest refundable rate. As your travel date nears, check prices again. If you find a better deal, cancel your original reservation in time to avoid a penalty.”
  • Be a fan: Join hotels on Twitter and Facebook to receive deal alerts.
  • Avoid annoying fees: “Before you book, ask the clerk if there are charges for anything other than occupancy and sales tax.”

What’s your strategy for getting a good hotel deal? Have you employed the above tips and if so, were they effective?

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One Response to Tips For Getting a Good Hotel Deal

  1. We are using Priceline since last year. We took the dive for a few hotels the first time. Name your price, choosing area, which class and what we wanted to pay. ( about 40 or 50 % of the price the show to compare).

    You can’t choose which hotel, roomtype, bedtype etc but we think it’s worth it.
    We are now staying in hotel classes we otherwise never would have chosen.

    It’s “scary” the first time but we now book all or hotels this way.