Introducing: The New Generation of Online Music Services for iPhone Users

Make room Pandora, and Spotify! According to this Mashable article, there are some new online music services in town and they’re tailored for specific scenarios and preferences for a more personalized experience.

Have you tried any of these iPhone music apps and if so, what’s your verdict?

  1. Audiogalaxy Mobile (free): “…gives you cloud-based access to your entire music library without the need for syncing your phone or worrying about space.”
  2. sir Sampleton ($2.99): “…lets you do everything from recording or changing sounds to mixing beats, adding vibrato, and even saving recordings…fun way for both novices and more seasoned beat masters to get their groove on.”
  3. ooTunes Radio ($4.99): “Compiling audio from more than 30,000 streams in 150 countries, ooTunes Radio lets you create the exact playlist you want and gives you the chance to listen to radio shows from around the world.”
  4. Earworms ($0.99): “…use Earworms to send an audio clip to someone in the hopes that it’ll stick. This fun app features 20 songs; all you have to do is pick which one you want and email it.”
  5. SoundHound ($4.99): “Recognizes a user humming or singing a tune and will pull up all the relevant matches it finds.”
  6. TuneWiki (free): “…both a radio player and lyrics decoder and provides a wide array of music streams to choose from…either listen and get lyrics through TuneWiki’s radio options or use your own iTunes library.”
  7. Concert Vault (free): “…for music lovers who would prefer to listen to live music recordings…veritable cache of recorded treasures from past decades, including artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Queen and more.”
  8. Local Concerts (free): “…handy resource that keeps track of upcoming concerts and live shows in your area…search by date or venue and also have direct access from the app to where you can purchase tickets and get directions…also scans your iTunes library and alerts you to upcoming concerts of artists you have in your music inventory…”
  9. Top 100s by Year ($1.99): “…provides a huge database of the 100 most popular songs from each year from 1947 to today…search by year, see the full year’s listing and listen to the songs.”
  10. Adaptunes ($0.99): “If you run with your iPhone, drive with it or listen to any kind of music on the go, you know what a pain it can be to constantly adjust the volume to adapt to your listening environment. Adaptunes takes care of this conundrum by automatically adjusting your volume based on speed and motion-based sensors.”

Read the entire Mashable article here.

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