The Boingo 2010 Gift Guide For Travelers

Need gifts for the travel junkie in your life? We polled road warriors on the Boingo staff, as well as those in the Boingo Facebook community, and rounded up our favorite suggestions.

Boingo Employees:

  1. Amazon Kindle ($139 and up): “I’ve become very fond of my Kindle, especially as a traveling companion. The selection of books is great, as is the Wi-Fi connectivity. What’s more, the Kindle automatically syncs to my smartphone and PC.” — Jim Hamm, director of account management
  2. Apple iPad ($499 and up): “The one and only thing I absolutely *must* have when I’m traveling these days is my iPad. While I was skeptical of the iPad hoopla before it launched, I am now an unabashed convert. I use it in innumerable ways. The Kindle and Zinio apps allow me to bring along the three or four books and small stack of magazines I’m always juggling without taking up space in my carry on. I use the Maps and “Around Me” apps to figure out where I’m going or when I need to find a nail salon in a new city, pronto. I use my iPad on cross-country flights to catch up on podcasts (WNYC’s Radiolab and American Public Media’s The Dinner Party Download are two of my favorites), not to mention movies and TV shows I’ve downloaded. And of course the Boingo app (shameless plug) keeps me connected at the airport, hotel and all over town.” — Dawn Callahan, VP marketing
  3. ATC9K HD All Terrain Video Action Camera ($299.99): “How else would you record your adventures and triumphs but to mount one of these on your helmet and go for it? Don’t just Go Boingo!” — Steve Moller, director of client software development
  4. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones ($299.95 and up): “Traveling on commercial airliners can be stressful, especially with all the noise. To help relieve that, I escape into the quiet serenity that only noise-cancelling headphones can bring.” — George Metalsky, manager of partnership marketing
  5. Camera Strap Buddy ($16.95): “While traveling, I always carry my digital SLR camera but find the traditional neck strap uncomfortable. The Camera Strap Buddy allows me to comfortably tote around my camera, and it sufficiently safeguards my expensive camera gear.” — Kishore Raja, senior device engineer
  6. Duracell Instant Power Charger ($13.95): “Every traveler knows what it’s like to run out of juice on a laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. So it’s handy to have a lightweight USB charger to keep you powered while on-the-go.” Gil Mananquil, network engineer
  7. Instax Mini 7S camera ($60): “Instant photo prints are fun and great while traveling. The portable Instax doesn’t take up much space in my luggage, and I can give instant photos to friends who are seeing me off.” — John Rico, customer care manager
  8. Kensington Portable Power Outlet ($24.99): “One of my frustrations when traveling is the lack of power outlets in hotel rooms, which makes it difficult to recharge all my gadgets. The Kensington Portable Power Outlet solves that problem by turning one outlet into five — three grounded AC outlets and two powered USB ports. Plus, devices are protected from power spikes with the built-in surge protection.” — Paul Plambeck, QA engineer a.k.a master travel ninja
  9. TomTom GPS ($74.95 and up): “The TomTom XL is a godsend, especially for directionally-challenged folks like me. Even in the most unfamiliar of territories, this device keeps me organized and confident, so I can sit back and enjoy the ride. During a road trip across the U.S., the TomTom proved particularly invaluable by easily and instantly locating nearby hotels and restaurants along my route. The truly dedicated can even choose a celebrity voice (try Darth Vader or John Cleese on for size), or record their own, to guide them on their journey.” — Lauren Sanyal, marketing associate & customer care liaison
  10. Tumi T-Pass™ Laptop Bag ($225 and up): “These bags are well-made and they’re designed to meet airport security checkpoint requirements, which means you don’t have to remove your laptop.” — Luis Serrano, VP network strategy

Boingo Facebook Community:

Which travel gadget, tool or toy strikes your fancy? Do you have additional recommendations?

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