The Boingo 2010 Gift Guide For Gadget Geeks


If you’re looking for gift ideas for the tech geek in your life, look no further. We fished for suggestions from the geeks we know best — Boingo employees. Here are a few of their favorite tech things:

  1. Apple iPad ($499 and up) powered by Boingo Wi-Fi ($7.95/month): “I’ve had my iPad for six months now and I’m still enchanted with it. And nothing beats the ability to get online at 200,000+ Boingo hotspots.” — Dave Hagan, president & CEO
  2. Apple iPhone 4 ($199 and up): “It’s a mini-computer, it has wi-fi (via Boingo!), it takes great pictures, and there’s never a boring moment with all the available apps, games, music and videos.” — Nadia Lee, senior A/P analyst
  3. Apple MacBook Air ($999 and up): “It’s light, thin and powerful. It’s all I want for Christmas.” — Jennifer Demeterio, web engineer
  4. Boxee ($199): “Boxee’s website says it best: ‘A lot of your favorite shows and movies are already available on the Internet. Boxee is a device that finds them and puts them on your TV. It’s easy to use and even better, there’s no monthly fee.'” — Brian Shields, web development and architecture manager
  5. Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR Camera ($899.99): “I love my new Canon T2i DSLR camera – takes great photos as well as HD video!” — Jonathan Mendelson, general manager of product management
  6. Linksys Powerline Adapters ($124.99): “I spent months tinkering with various wireless setups trying to get the Internet to the opposite side of the house, and just couldn’t get enough signal. These adapters, which run the Internet over a home’s electrical wiring, solved the problem in a matter of moments. They booted up, immediately recognized each other, and gave me four network ports in the living room to plug in my TV, Blu-Ray and Airport Express (to get AirTunes capabilities and rocking wireless, as well). Now the only question is which Internet device will I get for the fourth port? Apple TV? Roku? Boxee?” — Christian Gunning, director of communications
  7. Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter ($299.99): “What can I say? I have a thing for remote control quadricopters, especially ones that can be controlled via my iPhone or iPad.” — Colby Goff, SVP strategy
  8. Samsung Galaxy Tab ($599): “This tablet runs Android and interfaces to the Google Cloud, giving you the ability to carry all your Google cloud-based information (contacts, documents, etc.) with you on the go.” — Michael J. Ayers, lead/senior systems engineer
  9. SlingPlayer Mobile ($29.99): “This is a great app for the smartphone/TV fanatic who already owns a SlingPlayer. SlingPlayer Mobile on my Android Nexus One means I can watch the latest episode of “Glee” from pretty much anywhere.” — John Han, senior operations data analyst
  10. Sony PlayStation™ 3 ($299.99): “The Playstation 3 has really come into its own lately. The game library is now fully robust, and the new PS Move unit takes what the Wii has done with body motion control gaming to the next level. But games are not all that a PS3 is good for. PS3 is one of the highest quality BluRay players available and now with Netflix online and 3D capabilities, it’s the ultimate movie machine. Sony has also added many social networking apps to the platform, and you can also wirelessly access media on any of your computers in your house, which replaces the need for an iTV unit or the like.” — Nate Van Dusen, senior business objects developer

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Melody is Senior Manager, PR for Boingo Wireless, where she is responsible for media relations, brand building and thought leadership initiatives. Melody is a die-hard Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and retired NCAA DI college field hockey player.
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