The Boingo Spooky Story Contest

UPDATE: The winner of our Spooky Story contest is Julie Vessigault! Congratulations! Here is her spooky story:

Monica’s shift would start in thirty minutes. The sun hadn’t yet risen. She logged onto Boingo to check the wicked new viral video online as she readied for work in the crew room. Before rushing out to the airport tarmac, she inhaled the cream puffs she had taken from last night’s Dead Man’s Party. Walking out to the fuel truck, she noticed something wasn’t right. Peering into the 737’s cockpit above her, a St. Elmo’s Fire filled the deserted aircraft windows. Suddenly the engines jumped into full throttle, it pushed back, and taxied away…

– – –

Halloween is celebrated in only a handful of countries, but we’re inviting the Boingo community around the world to celebrate with us by by participating in our spooky story contest. Write a spooky story in 100 words or fewer and include a few of our key words below. If your story is selected as the spookiest, you win a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

The rules are simple:

  • Write a spooky story in 100 words or fewer.
  • Submit  your spooky story by cutting and pasting the text into the comments section below. Alternatively, you can email your story to:
  • Include at least three words from the following list in your story:
    • Boingo
    • Haunted
    • Wicked
    • Ghouls
    • Cream puff
  • Enter your story by October 31, 2010, 11:59 PDT.

The judges will be Dave Hagan, our CEO, and Dawn Callahan, our VP Marketing. Stories will be evaluated based on originality. Good luck!

For terms and conditions, click here.

About Melody Demel

Melody is Senior Manager, PR for Boingo Wireless, where she is responsible for media relations, brand building and thought leadership initiatives. Melody is a die-hard Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and retired NCAA DI college field hockey player.
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22 Responses to The Boingo Spooky Story Contest

  1. Ariel Stich says:

    Victoria sat on the couch, sucking down the last of her wicked awesome cream-puffs, she heard something dragging on the roof. She thought she heard it the night before, but now she was certain. It was like a heavy piece of meat being dragged on tile, like the size of a large dog. She logged off Boingo, and went to the window of her B&B, and looked up. Nothing was there, suddenly the cold night air howled like a ghoul, and blew something on her cheek. Wiping it off, she looked at her hand the liquid was sticky and red…

  2. Aaron Strout says:

    I sat up in a cold sweat. Had someone’s hand really been over my mouth or was I dreaming. My hotel room was pitch black save for the dim glow of my laptop screen. The Boingo application blinked angrily at me as the wifi had obviously been interrupted suddenly. My midnight snack, a half-eaten cream puff, lay awkwardly on the floor.

    Suddenly, I heard a wicked scream just before a dark figure in the corner started moving toward me. I tried to roll out of bed but realized my feet were tied to the bed. What the hell was happening?

  3. briAn butcher says:

    My day has started out wickedly haunted again. Hanroy Hogwashed stoled my oranges again, that cream puffed mango! I know this because the oranges that I collect for the unprivledged skateboarder’s asociation are not in thier appropriate hiding place! Hanroy likes to use them for making into replica tony hawks. As I peek around the corner of the skatepark, one flies right into Ms. Delli’s pie hole and I take the blame! As I threw my hand ups to block Hanroy’s toss Ms. Delli asumed that I threw the orange. Right back to Winchster Mr. Butcher she nods.

  4. briAn butcher says:

    very funny Aaron!
    I am loling! two thumbs up!

  5. Rich Palmer says:

    Wicked: the word I heard as a whisper from the hall. I should have ignored it, but I’m no cream puff. It’s not like an airport hallway is a place for ghouls or haunted luggage. I peered into the darkness. The air felt stale. I walked into the hall and stumbled over something. I reached and found an overturned Macbook. As I turned it over the glow from the screen blinded me with the image of a Boingo app. A dark, indistinct shape moved in the corner. As I ran like a little girl I heard again… “Wicked.”

  6. Yan de Thieulloy says:

    I was suffering from the worst stomach pains ever. There was no doubt in my mind that cream puff I’d eaten was the culprit… “Boingo” is what the ghoulish-looking fellow behind the counter’s name-tag said, and this had worried me from the minute I’d set foot in this dingy, beat-down excuse of a roadside cafe. “Boingo”, how could I have been so stupid?

    Eyes watering I stumbled down the dust-covered stairs into the washroom and groped for the light switch. Nothing. Total darkness. Then, a voice. A terrible, wicked, croaky, horrifying voice: “Aaaah…desert…is here”.

  7. chris swan says:

    It was dark, windy and the night of ghouls
    Leaves cracked & russeled we felt like fools
    We looked around and saw we were alone
    Then we heard this awfull moan
    footsteps thru the haunted path
    A wicked witch full of wrath
    running toward us looking for blood
    we threw our cream puffs -they were a dud
    She laughed and showed her yellow teeth
    We ran till we stopped beneath
    A Starbucks sign yea Boingo
    We ran inside like a dingo
    We typed this true story right away
    Boingo sent it on its way!

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  9. Jill Wellock says:

    I open punch-drunk eyes with a mind wicked-wasted in a dimly lit room, my clothes gone and my body warm. Whip the cream, puff the smoke; I gotta quit this life. In the dark, shapes crawl like ghouls, and I’m haunted with desire. What did I take tonight? I’m bound, as shapes draw my wrists above, my legs below. Yes. I feel breath at my neck, warm, welcomed. Hands lace through my hair and hold firm. Too firm. I see light reflect on metal. I struggle, feel a cold blade sink deep, then a warm mouth suck my throat.

  10. Julie Vessigault says:

    Monica’s shift would start in thirty minutes. The sun hadn’t yet risen. She logged onto Boingo to check the wicked new viral video online as she readied for work in the crew room. Before rushing out to the airport tarmac, she inhaled the cream puffs she had taken from last night’s Dead Man’s Party. Walking out to the fuel truck, she noticed something wasn’t right. Peering into the 737’s cockpit above her, a St. Elmo’s Fire filled the deserted aircraft windows. Suddenly the engines jumped into full throttle, it pushed back, and taxied away…

  11. Abel Martinez says:

    The ghouls, unearthed and decrepit, chased me. Now, I stood face to face with them. Their blue-green flesh, matted with grass, fetid with maggots. Their eyes, oozing a creampuff white gel that bubbled sightless. Their sour earth breath, chanted something barely audible. They quickened, eager to make me one of them. “What are you saying!!” I maddened against their putrid presence. Their whispers became croaks, and that instant, I knew they were possessed by greater forces. From the depths of their vacant lungs, the word, “BOINGO” unearthed my soul, and I knew they had taken over the world.

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  13. T’was the night before Hollows-eve, when all thru the Haunted Hotel, Not a Ghoul was stirring, not even an wicked mouse, The fog had begun to move in & my blood started to curdle …

    You see I was enjoying my Cream Puff & learning to yodel. When I hear a voice from the other room scream “The WiFi is Down” ~ “Get me out of this place”… My Goosebumps arose with such a loud clatter & Haunted Spirits laughed while my teeth began to chattered. .

    While who should appear, to get us out of this mess ….

    **Our HERO… Mr Boingo. . .**
    Don’t fret, Don’t frown ~ Your WiFi is back. . I’m not just in LA, I’m everywhere you see, I’ll be there when you need me, come hell or high seas!

  14. Erwin P says:

    On all-hollow’s eve I was enjoying some wicked-awesome Cream Puffs, when I realized they will never be as awesome as Boingo! So I threw them in the trash and ran to my laptop! I was panting and shaking, rushing to log in to! The anxiety got to me; I couldn’t wait any longer, so my head exploded into a billion tiny fragments as I fell to the floor, ending a life of bitter agony because of internet connections that are just not fast enough for my endless need of Boingo!

  15. Good luck everyone! I know I started writing mine already…

  16. Ella Tayrien says:

    Stop screaming I was thinking – wait that was me screaming. Where is Cream Puff? I told them we shouldn’t come to the Boingo house. Everyone knows it’s haunted. There are all sorts of wicked smells coming from the basement and now the basement has Cream Puff. Who knew what sort of ghoulish things they may do to her – then I see her … it’s Cream Puff – I think….she came from the back of the house. Her eyes all glazed over; her body shaking. She never was the same dog after the Boingo house that fateful Halloween night.

  17. Sylvia Bower says:

    After the storm I plied my flat bottomed water craft through some back wash of a Louisiana bayou and docked it to a gnarled stump of an ancient tree. In the misty light of the full moon; my destination. And as I thought and believed my salvation was to reach the old Antebellum; supposed to be haunted.
    Through the wicked kudzu and briars I ran as though ghouls chased me. The old backswamp word “boingo” meaning; “you turn into nothing” shivered me. Old lore. However, the promise at the end of it all was a cream puff.

  18. Kelly Osmond says:

    She woke quickly from a wicked, deep sleep and looked all around. Where was she?! Suddenly the door burst open – who was that dark figure and what did they want?! With no words, the shadow approached her bed and a foul smell arose. An arm appeared, ghoulish and deformed, and took her hand.

    A sound was released from within the creature…it sounded like “lingo”? “Blinko”? She really wasn’t sure. Then it hit her – Boingo! Would a trip soon follow? Would she delight in an abundance of cream puffs at her favourite resort??? Only time would tell…

  19. Ashok Saxena says:

    At home while I was watching tv with my 3d glasses on I recognised my friend called Boingo. I had met him from the age of three, he shared his creampuff with me, that cemented our friendship. As I was watching he came closer and closer, he was being tied up, standing right next to him was a wicked vampire and I could almost touch it. There was a rumbling noise and then it stopped and I could see a light coming from the window and then a crash and Boingo said “hello” and ran off and the ghoul and the vampire disappeared with lightning speed. I secretly walked after them and as I was watching I felt a shake and saw blood everywhere. I was confused who’s blood it was and then I saw Boingo and the vampire on the floor. If he was dead I would kill myself to lie next to my friend for life then in a glymps of light I saw cameras and bright lights everywhere and I heard someone yell “cut” and Boingo got up and saw me. Thinking I was faking but I wasn’t so he said “call an ambulance” and so he did but before we got there I had already gone but just when they saw me go my tummy splirted out with 5 gallons of blood everywhere and it was all on Boingo and I opened my eyes and said “gotcha” it was all a joke. We laughed a lot.

  20. Justice Webber says:

    When your left hand thinks it knows what it’s haunted right hand is doing it doesn’t, because there is a headless man that watches you every wicked night when you are sleeping. He makes sure that your right hand isn’t there when you wake up in the morning. The man that comes in your room every night is so quiet that he can log onto boingo and you won’t even hear him. And when you wake up will you be horribly scared when you can’t see what the ghouls did to you?