5 Topics to Discuss Before Traveling With Someone For the First Time

Traveling with someone for the first time can be a trying experience. But with proper planning and communication, you can avoid potential blowups and breakups. So sit down and talk about these five topics before you embark on the trip:

1. Accommodations: what type of place do you each prefer to stay at, a hostel with a shared bathroom or a five-star hotel? Determine how much you want to spend per night and find a middle ground.

2. Meals: how many meals should be fulfilled at quick, cheap places versus dine-in establishments? Figure out your daily meal allowance and whether you’ll be splitting the check fifty/fifty.

3. Activities: what is the ratio of relaxation (e.g., lounging on the beach) versus exploration (e.g., touring museums) time do you want out of the trip? If you have different priorities for activities, consider splitting up for periods of time.

4. People: are you open to meeting and hanging out with new people you meet on the road? If you both feel differently about this, decide that when you’re together, you’ll remain as a one-on-one unit. If one person is keen on hobnobbing with new travel friends, that person could always set aside some solo exploration time.

5. Scheduling: what’s the ideal time to set off each day and how important is it to stick to the day’s plan? If one of you is an earlier riser, split up during those morning hours and meet up for lunch.  Sticklers for strict schedules should be open to the occasional curve ball — traveling, like life, is unpredictable! If you tend to travel in disorganized fashion, take some learning cues from your well-planned companion. And if you’re both chaotic travelers, have a sense of humor!

Do you have additional tips for traveling with another person? In the name of grace and peace, let’s hear it!

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5 Responses to 5 Topics to Discuss Before Traveling With Someone For the First Time

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  3. taige says:

    I’ve never actually discussed these things. They usually establish themselves.

    The only problem I run into is when we get separated or need to find each other. It’s the worst. But it’s better with mobile phones now. And roaming. You can make a call if you really need to. But if you don’t have a phone, it can be a real disaster.

    So I always tell whoever I’m traveling with. If we get separate, meet me at the last place we both saw each other. That’s my only rule.


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  4. Samantha says:

    Thanks very much for posting all of the good information! Looking forward to reading more blogs!

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