Boingo CEO Featured in CEA Magazine

Our intrepid leader, Dave Hagan, graces the cover of this month’s CEA magazine, Vision. In the feature interview, Dave — a four-year veteran of CEA’s board — talks about the evolution of Boingo’s business model, his thoughts on the burgeoning use of Wi-Fi on consumer electronic devices (especially where the usage would overwhelm 3G), and his vision for Boingo’s current and future role in the CE ecosystem.

Some highlights:

  • On Boingo’s key value proposition: “…we take advantage of the opportunity of Wi-Fi chips being embedded into every type of electronics product on the market by making it easier for people to get these devices connected…Boingo’s role in the ecosystem is to make it easy for consumers with these electronic products to get connected…quickly and simply.”
  • On Boingo’s plans for network expansion: “The networks we own and operate are mostly in airports. We are expanding into other types of venues. We have done a couple of arenas recently and also are working on shopping malls.”
  • On Wi-Fi advantage over cellular: “The teenager that goes to watch a video on a 3G network where there are a lot of other people doing similar things – there is just not enough bandwidth to do it well. Wi-Fi has a huge amount of bandwidth and very small cell sites, it’s a microcell. That is the magic of it. You can’t over-power it physically because the cell is so small only so many people can get in that small of a space vs. a cell tower covering miles. You can obviously over-load a sector of a cell site pretty easily.”
  • On the culture at Boingo: “Our people work hard. They spend a lot of time at the office…if you spend a lot of time doing something, it had better be fun. We have contests and do creative things to keep people excited…it’s about smart people and good ideas.”

We’re beaming with pride. Way to go, boss (and not a bad picture, either)!

Read the entire article here.

About Melody Demel

Melody is Senior Manager, PR for Boingo Wireless, where she is responsible for media relations, brand building and thought leadership initiatives. Melody is a die-hard Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and retired NCAA DI college field hockey player.
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8 Responses to Boingo CEO Featured in CEA Magazine

  1. Peter Eicher says:

    Boingo remains clueless. The $6.95 for 24 hours access model is the height of absurdity. Tell me, please: how often am I at an airport for 24 hours? Or even two hours? What I need is low-cost, short term access. Like $1.95 for 30 minutes. I would purchase that nearly every time. Otherwise, I remain a non-customer.

  2. Baochi says:

    Hi Peter,

    We appreciate the feedback. Currently, we offer a one-hour option in limited locations as well as one-hour options on the Apple iOS platform (iPhone, iPad). But per your request, it sounds like we should keep moving further in this direction. I’ve submitted your suggestion to our Product team. Thanks so much.


  3. kevin killian says:

    Boingo is more than clueless, they have their heads planted so far up their rear ends they can’t see the daylight. I was in Atlanta the other day and my new laptop had Boingo on it and I said what the hey I will try it. So I paid my money for their 9,95 a month program and a few days later (today to be exact) I emailed them asking to change my plan to their global plan (remember I am asking to spend more money with them), why because I am in Europe for this month. Christopher with their customer service suggested that I should open up a new plan while paying for the old plan, becsause they could not change it (and their was nothing special about my plan). My response was cancel my service, who the hell are these idiots. Piss poor customer brought down the Roman emipre and it will bring down Boingo, if they don’t pull their collective heads out of their rear ends soon. Great concept, and I was impressed, but I prefer to get kissed when someone tries to screw me.

    Kevin Killian
    jacksonville Florida

  4. Baochi says:

    Kevin, I’m so sorry to hear about your Boingo experience. The customer care call you had is in no way representative of our commitment to world class customer service. I’d like to make it up to you. Would you please email me so I can investigate what happened and do right by you? Thanks:


  5. Forrest Harper says:

    Peter and Kevin each have good points. I am surprised at Kevin’s experience though as I have had very good experience with customer service while traveling abroad. I currently maintain an unlimited account almost as a thank you for the value I receive when I travel outside the americas, I just upgrade for a month to international. I have also upgraded mid month but usually upgrade in advance enough that there is no overlap.

    I use it very little within the US, it is more of an insurance for when I travel within North America I won’t get nickel & dimed, plus I don’t like my aircard as it is 3.1 mbs versus the usual 54mbs on wifi.

    My request is that I would like to maintain the unlimited plan but have it automatically upgrade when I sign into a site outside the americas and then automatically revert the next month, unless i show up overseas again. It automates what I now do manually. It should be an easy change in the billing function.

    Taken a step further you should provide a maintenance plan that provides an active account at say $5.00 a month maintenance fee and would increment to $10.00 on any month where there was activity within the unlimited plan coverage and or would increment to $50 or whatever the international plan is if you see international activity.

    While you have people like me who basically do that manually I think you would more than offset the $5 fee reduction on these accounts in those months with no activity by the increase in numbers of people who would sign up for that type of plan.

    You also would capture more international users I think. I found you only by accident while in Netherlands, but only after I had already spent over $100 for service at a hotel. You saved me from spending another $100 as i was on a long trip. I think this type of plan would gain the domestic fence sitters and be strongly received by travelers, especially international travelers. Just automate a graduated rate& service plan

    One other idea is a family plan. I recently changed from PC to MAC at home and my family loves it. I loved that i could buy the software and mobile me plans in a family pack. right now i am the only one who has a boingo account as i will not pay $10 a month time 4 when it is little used I might pay $10 a month for a family plan that tiered automatically when a member signed on. example: $10 a month provides my family accounts and in a month 2 of the 4 members entered a Boingo site so that month there would be an additonal $10 charge, that would be an additional $5 per and the effect of $10 per person that month. If 3 members of the plan signed-on then it would be $15 added to the bill that month, $5 per person or average $8.33 per person. A slight family discount if you will.

  6. Baochi says:

    Forrest — these are such great ideas. Thanks for taking the time to write to us with your feedback. Your comment in its entirety has been sent to our Product team for review. Can you also email me at I’d like to discuss how we can, in the meantime, make your Boingo experience as easy as possible.

  7. Peter Venkman says:

    People PAY for Wi-Fi? Really!?

  8. Baochi says:

    Hi Peter,

    Someone is always footing the bill, and it always trickles down to the consumer. Just depends on how different venues want to bake the cost into their expense structure.