The iPad: Just a Fun Toy or a Game Changer?

When Apple pre-announced the iPad, I was disappointed at what appeared to be an iPod Touch on steroids. I didn’t understand what was so “revolutionary” and “magical” about it.

Now that I’ve been using the iPad for a couple of weeks, I get it. The device does live up to the hype. In fact, I like it better for just about every online activity…watching a video, e-reading (even over the Kindle), typing out a business email, gaming or just plain web browsing. My iPad sits on the coffee table in our family room so that it’s always within reach, and I find that I prefer it to my laptop and other mobile devices (which include an iPhone and a Nexus One). It’s fun, intuitive, and magical. I love my iPad (as you can see from the photo that my wife took).

So far, my only complaint about the iPad is that it’s heavy. As a lap device, it’s fine. But if it’s not resting or propped against something, it’s a bit cumbersome.

I’ve read some reviews that suggest the iPad is only for certain usage scenarios such as home entertainment. I disagree. I think the iPad will eventually find its way into everyday use, inside and outside the home. The device is revolutionary as it is, and it will only grow more useful and powerful as developers build up the iPad applications ecosystem. There’s no telling which use cases we’ll be discussing a year from now.

The final verdict: the iPad is a fun toy and a game changer. What do you think?

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14 Responses to The iPad: Just a Fun Toy or a Game Changer?

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    Is the iPad just a toy or a game-changer? I’ve had the Pad for 2 weeks, here’s what I think: [link to post] #iPad

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    Our CEO weighs in! RT @dhagan1 The #iPad: a toy or a game-changer? I’ve had the Pad for 2 weeks, here’s what I think: [link to post]

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  3. Pascal says:


    Having the iPad since the day after its launch, I can confirm the same as you mentioned. A couple of things are annoying me with the form factor (location of volume buttons for example). I bought the soft casing that Apple was selling at 39.95 USD. I mainly use the iPad in Landscape mode to read newspaper site, checking my emails at home in the morning while drinking my coffee, consulting also my agenda of the day. I am just missing a good hands free note application so I can take note using a kind of stylet or using directly my finger. That way, I would be able to trow my blackbook…

  4. Dave says:

    …what’s cool is that most of the apps are simply iPhone apps since Apple didn’t publish iPad specific APIs. Now that the product is out, there will be a ton of iPad innovation so I’m sure the app needs that you identified will be met.

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    The iPad hit the market almost a month ago. What’s the verdict? Just a toy or a game-changer? Our CEO weighs in: [link to post] #iPad

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