iPad Surpasses Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile in Four Days

iPhone dominates; iPad moves into second place

iPad Penetration Doubles Previous Second Place Mobile Device

Shocked. That may be the only word to describe our disposition after looking at updated web analytics for our managed network of hotspots. Within four days of release, the iPad has moved into second place among non-laptop devices, more than doubling the traffic of Android phones, and eclipsing the volume of devices from Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

The iPhone took significantly longer to make this kind of impact when it was released in 2007, and the radical growth it experienced didn’t take off until the 3G edition was launched a year later (at a significantly lower price).

The release is here.

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14 Responses to iPad Surpasses Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile in Four Days

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    The iPad is now the 2nd most popular non-laptop device connecting at Boingo airports: [link to post]. Who’s not surprised?

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    The iPad is now the 2nd most popular non-laptop device connecting at Boingo airports: [link to post]. (via @boingo)

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    RT @boingo: The iPad is now the 2nd most popular non-laptop device connecting at Boingo airports: [link to post]. Who’s not surprised?

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    @tgoodson This is not so surprising with the understanding that 300,000 were instantly released into the wild at once. Did you get one?

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    iPad Surpasses Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile in Four Days [link to post]

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  6. Rick Gordon says:

    So will boingo treat it as the laptop-substitute that it is, or will it be considered a ‘mobile handset’? And thus require an extra fee to use? I would prefer the former of course.

  7. MadMen says:

    This is worthless data. First off the majority of Blackberry, Droid, etc users do not rely on Boingo for online access. They use their wireless carriers. The I-Phone % may be much higher due to how poor ATT service. What is not reflected is total number of users this is even based on. In addition to offering very misleading data, you fail to tell us the TRUE sample size.

  8. Baochi says:

    Hi Rick,

    Thank you for your question. The iPad falls under our Boingo Mobile service for $7.95/month unlimited worldwide. A Boingo Combo account for $17.90 will give you access on both your laptop and your mobile device. Please let me know if I can help you with your account.


  9. Christian says:


    Thanks for the comment. If you’ll allow, I’d like to offer an alternate perspective on the data.

    The dominance of the iPhone platform (and rise of iPad and iPod Touch) has as much to do with platform design as anything else. Apple has made it simple (seamless) for a device to move back and forth from 3G to Wi-Fi, actually preferring Wi-Fi when it’s available because of the performance advantage of the protocol.

    Blackberry and Windows Mobile, especially, have not created a seamless Wi-Fi user experience for the customer, which contributes significantly to their lagging use of Wi-Fi in public space based on my observations. Android does a reasonable job in this regard, but they simply haven’t had the volume of devices in-market to overtake iPhone; however, they have passed Windows Mobile and Blackberry in a relatively short amount of time.

    The sample size is hundreds of thousands of users over several days. From all statistics perspectives, it is sound data in the context of what it represents: users of mobile devices in major airports who use their Wi-Fi to check for Internet access. Apple’s mobile device users are actively seeking Wi-Fi Internet connections, and I would posit that it is largely due to the experience driven by the device, wherein the multimedia content that drives usage is better delivered over Wi-Fi than 3G.

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  11. Johno says:

    I’ve been using your mobile service (iphone) for about a year, it has worked very well in the US and various locations in Europe. Awesome value! Reading one of the above posts about the ipad being covered under the mobile plan just sold me on getting one. Thanks for that, you guys certainly could have gone a different direction. I will continue to recommend your service to friends and co-workers.


  12. You’re a great writer. That was an well thought out post.

  13. Terry says:

    Personally, I am a little disheartened that although I pay Boingo for an unlimited account for my laptop, if I decide to leave the laptop at home and use my IPad instead, Boingo is going to require that I pay for a separate account? But if instead I take a NetBook with basically the same screen size and functionality, there is no additional charge. Will Boingo also charge separately if I decided to use a MacBook instead of a Windows laptop?

    I would think that unlimited access should cover any devices that I choose to use for my requirements. I can understand a less expensive plan for those users that only wish to connect with smaller form factor phone-based devices, but the IPad is not a phone device and in many cases will be simply just another laptop-type device, certainly not a phone.

  14. Baochi says:

    You’re right. It’s a tricky world. What was once very simple to understand (a laptop is a laptop and a phone is a phone) has become much, much more difficult to navigate as laptops gets smaller, phones get bigger (and more powerful) and brand new devices get launched (iPad) that fall somewhere in between.

    Rest assured that we are wrestling with this issue and are working on trying to come up with a set of guiding principles that makes sense. For the time being, we regard an iPad as pretty much a giant iPod Touch, and for that reason it has been considered, for our purposes, a mobile device, and as such it falls outside the acceptable use of our Boingo Unlimited plan.

    In the mean time, we’d like to thank you for your loyalty as we sort through the issue. Will you email me directly at [bnguyen@boingo.com] so we can lavish on you the love and attention you so richly deserve?