Come Fly With Captain Daniel Langworthy

Captain Daniel Langworthy, an international pilot for a major airline, is a self-described “ordinary guy.” His aviation experience includes a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science, years as a pilot instructor, numerous flights to the deepest parts of Africa, and safe landings through the “worst weather imaginable.” In total, Daniel has flown to over 268 cities and 34 countries. He loves flying so much, he says he’d gladly do it for free. I don’t know about you, but to me, Captain Langworthy doesn’t quite fit the definition of “ordinary.” And the reality is, we travelers should be thankful for the extraordinary training pilots undergo in order to safely transport us to our destinations. That’s why I always make a point to thank the pilots when I’m disembarking from the plane.

In between flying 737s, 767s, 757s and DC-10s, Daniel took the time to do a travel interview with us. Flight attendants, please prepare the cabin for this most impressive (and humble!) pilot.

  • What are the key personality traits that a good pilot should have?
    A good pilot is efficient, logical, and an excellent multi-tasker. A pilot should also be a good people person. If you are going to spend the day — or month — in a small, confined and secured cockpit, you have to be able to get along with people. Otherwise, it can make for a very long trip.
  • What are you listening to your on your iPod these days?
    Well, I moved to the South a few years ago and have taken a liking to country music. I have been listening to the Zac Brown Band quite a bit. They are from where I live just outside of Atlanta, and are really starting to make it big! For non-country, I have been listening to Parachute. They’re a pretty fresh, new band.
  • What is your favorite city in the world and why?
    Madrid. I have an amazing time every time I’m there. The people are great, and I admire how they seem to work to live, whereas in the United States, we seem to live to work. I think their formula is much better. Also, if you go to Madrid, you have to go to a tapas bar called Mesón del Champiñón aka the Mushroom Bar. The sauteed mushrooms are the most amazing things I have ever put in my mouth…and I HATE mushrooms.
  • What book is on your nightstand?
    I am training on a new airplane type right now, so I have the 737 “How To Fly” book sitting on my nightstand. When I read for pleasure, I usually gravitate toward authors like Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and Alex Berenson.
  • What’s your favorite vacation spot?
    I would have to say my favorite vacations are cruises. I love ships, and if I couldn’t fly airplanes, I would love to drive a ship. One of my most memorable trips was taking the Queen Mary II from Southampton to New York. I did it right before I flew myself across the Atlantic for the first time. I wanted to do it the old way by ship before I did it by plane!
  • Can you offer an insider tip or recommendation for travel?
    When in any foreign city, be courteous and smile. If you make even the smallest attempt to speak the language or to say a greeting, you will be amazed how much people will bend over backwards to help you. Also, when you are out of the country, don’t eat your native food. Experience the food of where you are and you’ll get a taste of the culture.

Want to know more about Captain Langworthy? Have a gander at his blog.

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5 Responses to Come Fly With Captain Daniel Langworthy

  1. Lisa Fallin says:

    Hey Dan! The HotSpot is great! Congrats. Good Luck finishing up your training and hope to see you soon.
    Miss ya!

    Blue Skies,
    Lisa & the gang!

  2. Mike Rosario says:

    Congrats on your captain upgrade……….Nice picture hope to see you soon.
    Celine and Mikey say Hi uncle BEBE. LOL…

  3. Katie says:

    I’ll come fly with you, Dan!!

  4. Mario Pompeii says:

    Hey Lisa,

    I know Dan personally…..and your right, he’s a great guy!! Like I tell people all the time, (I’m just an average guy doing an above average job.) That is what makes Dan a great human being. Professionally, Mario H. Pompeii III

  5. Marie Nowosielski says:

    Hello Dan

    Well done from your proud ‘other Mom’ in South Africa.

    Hope to see you when I am next in the US.