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With 300 million people on Facebook, 8 million daily visitors on Twitter, and 40 million members on LinkedIn, social media is now the #1 online activity in the world (over porn). Just imagine the number of conversations taking place at any given time as people keep in touch with friends and family, share information, and express themselves.

But social media is no longer just about making conversation; it has become an important channel for customers to communicate with companies. According to a recent USA Today article, 58% of survey respondents said if they tweeted about a bad experience, “they would like the company to respond to their comment.” Frankly, it surprises me that *only* 58% of Twitterers expect to be heard when they have a complaint.

The fact is, many of you are reaching out to Boingo via social media sites, and our goal is to respond to all of you. Here are some examples of how we’ve got our ear to the social media ground:

  • A customer at the airport had trouble connecting to Boingo on his smartphone and tweeted about it. We responded and determined (yes, in 140 characters) that the user needed to update his Boingo Mobile software.
  • A Facebook fan left a post on our Facebook wall, requesting a Boingo receipt for her expense report. We sent her a personal message with instructions on how to access her account online.
  • A Boingo LinkedIn Member had a question about which Android phone he should purchase. We exchanged emails with him to determine the types of phone features he preferred and then provided a recommendation.

The Boingo team is immediately ready for you to reach out to us using your preferred communication channel — whether it’s phone, email, chat, Twitter, Facebook, or another network you want to tell us about. We understand that there’s a social media revolution going on, and we’re glad to be a part of it.

About Dave

With over 25 years' experience in the cutthroat telecommunications and Internet arenas, Dave has developed a knack for adventure — and a need for speed — in the boardroom, on the road and in the wild. An avid mountain biker and vintage racecar driver, though born in the midwest, Dave is right at home in LA — and he loves the fact that only a couple hours separate him and a good wine tasting in Napa Valley!
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2 Responses to Need to Reach Boingo? Send Us a Tweet!

  1. Bob says:

    Boingo customer service is something else. I reported via e-mail a server problem at an airport (after I had already departed) and Boingo customer service told me I should have called. I tried again and got a similar response. The response I was hoping for was a commitment from Boingo to investigate the problem and fix it BEFORE I use that hotspot again. Telling me they’re not really interested and I should wait until I have a problem and then call for help is less than impressive. If a problem is reported via e-mail, I would hope Boingo would investigate and resolve the issue. Apparently that is not the case and the only e-mail response they are willing to provide is to tell you to call! Whew!

  2. Baochi says:

    Dear Bob,

    Yikes! That doesn’t sound like a very positive experience — I’m sorry! I will look into what happened and try to correct where the process went wrong. If you have time, please email me at so I can obtain more details from you about the server problem (e.g., which airport, which terminal).

    Again, please accept my apologies and know that we are truly looking to improve our customers’ experiences.

    Baochi Nguyen