The iPod Touch: A Splendid Travel Companion


Mark Sigal of technology site O’Reilly celebrated his 10-year wedding anniversary with the wife by taking a trip to Europe. What made their trip a little unusual is that they brought an iPod Touch as their only communication device — no cell phone, no pager, no laptop. And guess what? They survived the trip with flying colors (and probably saved a lot of moolah)!

Here are some (free!) Apple apps that helped them:

  • Google Mobile Maps (pre-installed): visually navigate to destinations in real time and push-pin favorite destinations.
  • Yelp: search for restaurants and other businesses, then use Google Mobile Maps for directions.
  • Facebook: share vacation adventures and pics with family and friends.
  • Kindle: read your travel book on-the-go.
  • Notes (pre-installed): capture daily food and water intake and other related health data.

Additionally, Sigal shares a caveat about traveling with just the iPod Touch:

“Not having reliable connectivity in mobile contexts crippled some of the utility of Google Mobile Maps since it essentially removed the Real-Time goodness of the app. Moreover, it crimped the ability to search for nearby restaurants when on the move.”

And, in true technologist form, Sigal gives Apple a helpful recommendation for the Wi-Fi connection experience:

“… it seems that Apple could make MobileMe even more essential for iPod Touch owners by bundling into it a Boingo-like Wi-Fi Universal Pass so at least queue-level store and forward services can autonomously be negotiated for the mobility-oriented user.

I have to be honest: I couldn’t do it. But I have an unhealthy dependence on my numerous devices. What about you? Do you think you can vacation overseas with just an iPod Touch?

Read the entire article here.

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