Top Ten Packing and Travel Tips


1. Everyone has a black bag and those cute little ribbons we tie to our luggage fall off. Buy a bag in a color or pattern so that no one will accidentally take your bag. Plus, it will be easy to spot on the carousel.

2. Get used to it — the quart-size clear bag is here to stay. Invest in one that won’t fall apart after three uses (save the sandwich bag for your lunch). When you are not traveling, you can use it to store things in your purse or beach bag.

3. Always throw a small expandable bag in your luggage. You never know when you’ll need it — and it can hold some of those extra items you buy on your trip home … 3-foot Toblerones anyone?

4. Always “break in” new shoes before traveling with them. But just in case, carry a back-up in your purse (Come on, the 4” stilettos are not that comfortable no matter what we tell him).

5. Remember before you dress for your flight you’ll have to do the security “strip tease.” That means shoes and all outerwear (jackets, cardigans, zippered hoodies, etc.) will have to come off before you walk through the metal detector. Don’t wear a jacket with 20 buttons that takes 5-minutes to get off. Slip-on shoes are also a must, no lace up boots! Keep your dress simple and easy.

6. You would never take your shoes off at the end of the day and put them on a stack of freshly washed clothes, right? Why do it when you pack? Put shoes in drawstring bags to keep your clothes clean and to protect your shoes from scuffing. Plus the bag can double as a laundry bag for undies and socks on your return trip.

7. To keep ourselves wired, we travel with too many chargers – laptop, iPod, cell phone, etc, etc. Try using a specially designed charger bag to keep all these cords in one place – and tangle free!

8. Train and airplane tables are rarely cleaned, wipe them down with a disinfecting hand wipe before using, plus this little effort will make your whole area smell fresh.

9. Flying can make feet swell and security checkpoints require you remove footwear, make sure to bring a pair of slip-ons or flip flops to wear during the flight, and never walk around without some form of shoe on. Have you seen the floor in the bathrooms?

10. A nice travel pillow is a must for plane, train or automobile. But, if you don’t have enough room in your carry-on for a pillow make sure to bring your own disposable pillow-case for the airplane pillow since they are almost never cleaned.

As told by Jessica Good, Owner of Passport Boutique

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