8 Travel Tips from a Boingo Mobile User


From our post, 6 Tips on Managing Expenses While Traveling, one of our Boingo Mobile users posted a comment on his personal tips and tricks while traveling.

Here are Nuno Povoa‘s tips and tricks while he travels.

  1. Keep track of expenses on your PDA/smart phone. No one likes to be too uptight on vacations, but nevertheless one must be responsible.
 Personally I use SPB Finance to keep track of things – I find it to be mighty handy, and you might as well just 
use it for all your expenses. The graphs and other tools come in handy at the end of the day, week and trip. If you do not want to make the full investment, you can check out iPhone’s application store or use whatever spreadsheet software that comes with the smartphone or PDA.

    Why is the smartphone or PDA important? Because if you record the information when you pay, you are able to skip going through receipts by the end of the day.

    Have I mentioned
 you should be having fun on any trip?

  2. Buy things at supermarkets whenever possible: Water, snacks, etc. Hotel stores will be over priced.
  3. Speaking of hotel prices: laundry services? I’m sure there’s one around the corner from the hotel
 that won’t charge nearly as much as the hotel.
  4. Before calling room service ask yourself if you’ve explored the city enough. Go out! Pay less
 and see more.
  5. Use whatever free perks the hotel gives you. Do they keep your luggage? Great! if you have to checkout 
by mid-day and your flight is at 10pm, leave your luggage there while you enjoy the city before your flight.
  6. Next time you buy a cell phone, consider making the extra investment so it’s not blocked to a specific network. 
If you are traveling for an extended period of time, it may pay off to buy a “pre-paid” card from a “local”
 service rather than to use your home service’s “roaming” fees.
  7. Internet is all around so stop texting your friends and loved ones and embrace Twitter – one simple post, everyone is updated.
  8. Pack accordingly. Use Wikipedia, check out the average temperature and weather conditions, compare to your own city’s weather. 
Make an informed decision as to what clothes to pack. If you pack your bags with stuff you’re not wearing, you’ll unnecessarily 
spend money buying clothes on your destination.

The original comment was edited for the post.

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